Who I am

Hi! My name is David, and I am a crocheter. I’m from Spain and I live in Extremadura. I love cooking, learning languages (I know english, Portugese and some German), science… I have a twin brother as well!! Since I was a child I always was really intrested in crocheting and knitting, I loved to see my aunts and grandma doing it!!

How I started crocheting?

Back in 2018 I saw an amigurumi video, and I got fastinated in how you could create something like an stuffed animal ion that way. So I bought a cheap crocheter starter kit, I took some yarn that I had in my house, and I started learning, it was super hard, and I wasn’t super motivated, so I only learnt the chain, and the slip stitch :). I kept all my hooks in a bag. In 202 with all the pandemic situation and the lock down I saw again the video, but I got super motivated, and after a lot of time, I learned by my self to crochet many stitches, and finally made my first amigurumi!!!! And now, 3 years later I am here writing this blog 😉

How I started designing patterns?

Well, In 2022 summers I was kind of bored, and I was watching Marvel movies. I started looking for patterns of my favourite characters, but I couldn’t find anyones that where small and allowed me to crochet each character in a day (approximately), because since I am a little child, I love to collect things (even rocks), so, I designed the base body of the Amivengers, to can make all the chracters, I designed Amivengers ebook 1 and 2 in 2 months, and the the Hocus Pocus, Santa, Guardians of the Galaxy… In March of 2023, I decided to change my base pattern to create something new, and I created my new base pattern, I made the Toy story collection, and now I am working in some others such as Harry Potter and Stranger Things!!!!

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