My new website!!! Together with a bit of Cromigurumis’ story.

Hiiiiii!!!!! As I told you yesterday, between days 23rd and 27th of July it’s Cromigurumis’ anniversary, but, why are there 2 anniversaries?, Well. In July 23rd of 2021 I uploaded to cromigurumis’ Instagram account for the first time a picture, it was this one:

So, this was going to be Cromigurumis’ logo, my pineapple pattern (let me in the comments if you would like me to bring it back, for free). I just wanted to open an Instagram account to upload my Youtube content and get some followers that would subscribe to my Youtube channel, I thought that it was easier to win followers in Instagram ;), but it’s quite hard, so I just forgot about it somehow. Here you can see some of my Youtube patterns:

During 2021 I joined some CALs, so I used the account to participate in them, but I wasn’t taking it seriously at all. In 2022, I participated in a design contest, of endangered animals, I created this armadillo, and his free pattern is in my instagram account, in a few days it will be here as well ;), obviously I didn’t won the contest, but I still love my armadillo.

In 2022 summer, I was going to travel by car, and I decided to create some tiny avengers (this all is written in the who I am page, how cool is to have a brand new website :)) I was going to publish the patterns for free in my Instagram account, but I saw that it was taking a lot of time dedication, and I thought that i could try and sell their patterns :), so I designed 8, but after those ones more had to come, and more and more… But do you know when was published the first picture of an Amivenger?, In July 27th of 2022, it was the Pattern tester call 🙂 So between these days we celebrate my growth, so I’ll announce daily something new, yesterday a 30% disccount in al my patterns, today this new website, tomorrow something related to the website will come 🙂

Thank you to all my followers that support me and allow me to continue this awesome story:


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